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Absolutely Everything DVD

I’ve been ripping many DVDs into the cloud so I needn’t carry them about with me.

Much to my surprise I’ve come across a hard error on a reasonably rare DVD which I’m unsure how to work around. The DVD is the extras DVD of the “Absolutely Everything” Box Set of Absolutely released as FHED2323 around 2008.

The error is

The source file '/VIDEO_TS/VTS_06_1.VOB' is corrupt or invalid at offset 26624, attempting to work around

It manifests as my being unable to rip the first (of two) “Absolutely Characters” segment. Everything else rips fine.

At least I think I haven’t ripped it. I don’t know enough about the structure of DVDs to know if it’s possible to sneak a video stream into a file without anyone knowing about it.

I should also say that this plays fine in the same DVD drive using Apple’s DVD player app.

Here’s some background on the release, including a possible explanation of why the second episode in series one is missing from all streaming platforms.


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